Privacy Policy

Nobody dislikes spam email, unwanted phone calls and junk mail more than I do!  That’s why I will never give, sell, trade or otherwise reveal the personal information of anyone who does business with Roadrunner Restored Pipes, or makes any kind of contact — whether it’s to ask for help finding a local tobacconist near you, to inquire about certain kinds of pipes I would be more than happy to help you locate,  or to make a comment or suggestion — to other businesses, individuals or any entity whatsoever.   And my respect for your privacy means that Roadrunner Restored Pipes will never pester you, either!  In short, any communication you might wish to initiate with RRP or me as its owner and sole restorer will remain strictly confidential!  Even the Testimonials I receive from satisfied customers reveal only the first name , last initial and the city and state where the customer lives.